About DreamzTech

WE @ DREAMZTECH We develop, deliver and implement big ideas that bring positive and profitable change to our clients’ organisations. We harness the latest innovations to bring empowerment to our clients, crafting solutions that keep them ahead of the game.

Our Track & Trace

Our Track and Trace solution is blockchain based solution to trace physical and digital assets in real time or in deferred time. This database of objects refers not only to the position of the asset, but also to any attribute that is considered to be of interest for its identification or use, such as its previous owner, hours of use, miles performed, recorded problems, or any other attribute that may be of interest. Our solution uses any interface to identify assets and an Internet of Things platform to perform the registration and tracking.

Our Advantage

1. End-to-end Blockchain enabled IoT Solution for track and trace the asset Lifecycle
2.Transactions are processed directly from peer to peer resulting in faster lifecycle
3. Blockchain asset tracking combats counterfeits, thefts and fraud
4.Smart contracts significantly cut down transaction costs
5.GS1 Standards for universal asset identification for smooth collaboration
6.Supports any IoT device and lets you set triggers

Key Features of DreamzChain

Information Security

Future proof decentralized distributed ledger system for immutable data txn

Business Rules

Set business rules as Blockchain smart contracts

Secure Devices and Data Transaction

Enabled with Blockchain Based Authentication and Product Identification and Secure Data Exchange

GS1 Standards

Quick integration with existing solutions and information consistency with all players in the supply chain

IoT Integration

Interacts with any IoT device connected to your smart asset

M2M Rules based on Smart Contract

Execute Smart IoT Contracts based different conditions measured and met by devices

Integrated Supply Chain

Add, stakeholders, logistics providers and other SC players to give then visibility

Track Consignment

Visually track consignment location and delivery status. Get immutable historical data

Predictive Analytics

Make faster decisions with AI driven insights to stay ahead of the competition

Industries we cover

Textile Industry

Other Industries


Creating Transparency in Pharmaceuticals and create trust between companies and users and reduce Anti Counterfeiting


Create best in class industry process in SCM by using our Track and Trace solution


Track and process your inventory in Atumotive efficiently by using our Track and Trace solution


Bring efficiency and transparency in food industry by using our Track and Trace Solution


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